What you can expect to see:
BookieBlog focuses on all things dealing with books: reading, writing, film adaptations, teaching literature/writing, etc.. I analyze function, form, and fan theories a lot, provide writing help and resources, discuss teaching strategies, review books, and occasionally provide updates on my own works in progress.

My current schedule is one to three posts per week, though there may be more depending on how busy I am. As a teacher, I have lots of meetings, planning, and grading to do.

Nothing helps a writer more than getting feedback from readers. I LOVE reading your comments, and respond to each one. When commenting:

Please DO:
Share your thoughts on the post's topic
Suggest changes for the blog or future post topics
Discuss other blogs/resources/articles relevant to the topic

A strong community brings in outside resources!

Please DON'T
Use excessive profanity
Insult or degrade others' opinions/stances
Comment with spam links

Comments that disregard the above requests will be deleted.

Welcome to BookieBlog!

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