Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nature as Inspiration, Part 1

I haven't touched my manuscript in a while. I have been more focused on other things, including coming back to an old love. It will be a while before I harp on that old love here on the blog -- I don't want to jinx my chances -- but it has to do with nature :)

Anyway, I have been visiting local parks and nature preserves, and I have been enjoying myself immensely. I have had a couple of posts about finding inspiration in everyday life for your writing (like this one on using history as a source of inspiration), and want to use this post as a time to share with you some of the AWESOME sights that make me want to sit in a dark room and clack away at my keyboard!

Hope you enjoy them :)

Swan eggs!
Moss-covered stump.

Natural cavity. With the water and
the shape of the tree, I instantly
thought of incorporating this image
into my story!
Turtles on the bank.

Regrowth on a stump.

Spring buds.

Stellar branches.
Re-attuning myself with nature has me thinking back to all of the Marion Zimmer Bradley, Juliet Marillier, and (to a lesser extent) Mercedes Lackey books that I have read.

What is your current source of inspiration?

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