Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Brief Check-in

It has been a really long time since I posted. I was doing good for a while there, delving deeper and deeper into Write Your Novel in a Month, working on my book, thinking about my craft. And then, as it often happens, I got distracted.

It started with my next-to-last post. I was sitting in a nearby McDonalds, taking full advantage of the free wifi because I was visiting family who didn't have internet, when a man decided to speak to me. Sounds simple, but it was anything but. Even with headphones in and my nose buried in my laptop, this person decided to strike up -- and awkwardly maintain -- a conversation with me. I don't like to be rude, and I wasn't just going to shut him down. But I did lie my butt off. He started off asking general questions and progressively got more personal. Though my tone changed and my responses became more and more brief (and my lies wilder and wilder), he would not take the hint. I lied about where I lived and what I was doing . . . claiming I was an online student of statistical analysis attending a university in another state, that I grew up in a region of the country I have rarely visited . . .
The situation became unbearably awkward, and because it isn't my style to scream at someone in the middle of a public place, I gathered my things, bid the man farewell, and left. I never went back to that McDonalds, and I became distracted with other things, like applying for a graduate program and heavily considering my life's purpose. Again.

Hopefully I will be back to the blog soon. I know that I miss it :)

Have a good day, all! Until I post again.


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