Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bookie Christmas 2015

I had a blast hanging out with my family this Christmas. We filled our time with dominoes, last-minute gift crafting, and ridiculous seasonal games. Having the chance to spend time with my family was my favorite part of this year's festivities, but I also REALLY enjoyed the nerdy/writer gifts I got!

#1. Darth Vader pajama set.

Star Wars was a favorite of mine growing up because it was one of the series my father took us to the theater to see (Jurassic Park was the other), I saw The Force Awakens a couple of weeks ago with my SO, my brother, and my brother's friends. It was AMAZING. I have avoided blogging about it because everything I want to say has a major spoiler or two . . . Anyway, these pajamas are super soft, and I like the typographic construction of Vader's helmet. Too cool!

#2. A plethora of writing books.

Three of these came from my SO, and On Writing came from my future brother-in-law. I was so excited to get my own copies of Story Structure Architect and On Writing; now I don't have to borrow someone else's copy and can make notations! Write Your Novel in a Month looks interesting, and my SO knows I need help focusing on my WIP; hopefully this book does just that. Finally, An Atlas of Fantasy is a stellar book that looks at the ways authors shape the geography of fantasy worlds and goes into detail sketching and labeling worlds from well-known books (Tolkien and Dante, especially) and some not-as-well-known books. Love it!

3. Modern fairy tale adaptation of Tam Lin.

My future Nana gave me this. It is a modern-day adaptation of the Scottish fairy tale Tam Lin. I have not read the classic version, but my recent fascination with fairy tale adaptations has me chomping at the bit to devour this book!

4. A Create-Your-Own Shakespearean Insults book!

My step-Nana (who did not know I quit teaching) gave me this, and I LOVE IT! Even though I don't have an immediate need to showcase Shakespearean language or make Elizabethan English fun by having students craft insults, I am beyond in love with this fun and quirky book!

I hope you all had a very enjoyable, love-filled holiday season :)

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