Monday, October 19, 2015

Reads of the Week: Oct 12-18

I haven't done a book review in a long time, so I thought I would start giving "quicky" reviews on what I read the previous week.

Keep in mind that I also keep a running list of everything I read (Reading List 2015), and suggest that you do the same. Why? One: You can look back at your list on Dec. 31st and feel accomplished. Two: Keeping track of what you read is a great way to notice trends in your own reading habits and see areas in which you may want to expand your knowledge next year (yes, it may be time to pick up Jane Austen again).

I also used to keep a "Reading Journal" in which I would reflect on everything that I read, but that got old after a while and I quit keeping up with it in February of 2014.

So, with no further ado, here are the books I read from Oct. 12th - 18th (p.s. the author's names link back to their websites)!

Graveyard Shift – Angela Roquet 10/13/15

I purchased this as an ebook. The story is a good concept, and Roquet establishes a strong setting. The primary character, Lara, is a reaper who has to save Eternity by finding a specific soul. Neat incorporation of multiple religions so the afterlife is in harmony. There is also an interesting explanation as to the relationships between human souls and the creations of gods/the afterlife. Kind of a chicken or the egg concept. Some formatting issues like additional indentation on some paragraphs make for a very awkward ebook read. All in all, I would buy the next book.

Dead in the Family – Charlaine Harris 10/16/15

I have been INHALING these books; I have read ten in the past 2.5 months (read my post on Charlaine Harris here). This book in particular is interesting because we get to see a little background into who Eric Northman is as a character via his relationship with his maker. I have considered not watching Seasons 6 and 7 of True Blood until I finish the series (I only have three books to go), but the books and the series have diverged so much that I don't think I will ruin my experience with either if I continue watching the show. Until Season 7, that is; I don't want to know who changes Sookie or who she ends up being in a relationship with until I read the final book.

Witch Song – Amber Argyle 10/18/15

I also bought this as an ebook. The story focuses on a young Witch, Brusenna, who has to save the world from dying at the hands of the Dark Witch, Espen. The way Argyle shapes her world and the Witches' powers is interesting: the Witches control the Earth, Water, Plants, and Sunlight needed to help the world thrive, and they do this by singing their spells. They can also duel with seeds, which is neat. 

I liked Argyle's spin on witches, and I especially liked that this book was at its core an elemental tale. There were times when I struggled to suspend my belief (too many issues resolved too easily), but it was a good read. The last 40 percent of the ebook has occasional typos like "their" instead of "there" and confusing wording when it comes to spacial order, especially concerning the scene with the tunnel. It is also frustrating how Argyle unnecessarily cuts a sentence in half and starts the next sentence with "And." For example:

"She's much stronger than I. And more experienced in a duel."

There is an interesting connection between humans and animals; the death/loss of animals feels like a real loss to the reader. I would consider reading the second book in the series.

Also, Amber Argyle has a writing profile on Wattpad, where you can read a free copy of Witch Song.

What have you been reading? Tell me about your reading list in the comments!

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