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Crazy Fan Theory: What If GRRM's ASOIAF World Was the Result of Dan Well's PARTIALS World?

I frequently cover a variety of Game of Thrones fan theories on the blog (like The Great Northern Conspiracy and The Dragon Has Three Heads), but I have never shared any of my own fan theories. So, here you are: What if George R. R. Martin's ASOIAF takes place in the distant future, and is a result of the genetic modification and technology present in Dan Well's Partials Sequence?

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Here it goes:

Dan Well's Partials sequence is the story of humanity's struggle against Partials, a lab-created super species who were engineered to be the perfect warriors. After the Partials help Americans win their "third world war," the Partials return to the states with no homes, no jobs, and are treated like second-class citizens (very a la pre-civil rights movement race struggles, but with species). The Partials start a war with the humans, bombing major cities, travel routes, and the very labs that created them. A deadly virus, RM, begins to kill humans by the millions, and nuclear warfare obliterates the global landscape. Nearly fifteen years later, Kira Walker attempts to cure RM but finds dark secrets and horrible truths along the way.

How does this even BEGIN to relate to Game of Thrones? Over the course of the books, Kira and her Partial friend Samm (and, thus, the reader) find out several facts that could potentially link the end of their world with the beginning of the ASOIAF world (Disclaimer: Most of the support for this theory comes from Ruins, the third and last book in the Partials sequence. The theory occurred to me while reading the third book, so I haven't collected specific evidence from the first two books to support it):

1. The side effect of global stabilization

In Partials, nuclear damage and fallout from the Partial War and human pollution has permanently damaged the world. Weather patterns are disrupted: acid rain, barren land for miles, and increased global temperatures. One of the members of the Trust, the small group of scientists who engineered the creation of Partials, finds a way to "cleanse the earth" and cure it. However, many characters speculate that, if such a cure were possible, it could have a "pendulum effect" on the weather patterns.
"On a large enough scale you could change the weather patterns, and eventually the seasons themselves, but it would require an unbelievable amount of energy to create and distribute that kind of bacteria on anything less than a geologic time frame." -- Ruins, p. 166
SPOILER: The scientist succeeds, and winter returns to the world; an intense snow storm begins towards the end of the final book.
"This storm isn't going to break . . . this isn't a freak storm, it's the rturn of winter; the first great backswing of Earth's pendulum, struggling to rebalance itself. And as far as that pendulum swung in one direction, it's going to have to swing just as far in the other. This winter could last a year or more . . . " -- Ruins, p. 285.
Relevance to A Game of Thrones: Many characters suspect that "winter is coming," and the winter storm could last for years at a time (the pendulum effect). Sound familiar?

2. ParaGen, the company that created the Partials, also engineered other genetic experiments, including: dragons.

Before creating Partials, ParaGen experimented with other forms of gene modification, including "creating" dragons. Some characters say that the dragons that escaped ParaGen during the Partial War are still alive in other parts of the world.

Relevance to A Game of  Thrones: The presence of dragons, and other creatures, can be explained by potential genetic modifications that took place years before the story we see in A Game of Thrones.

3. The love story of Khal Drogo and Daenerys is echoed in the love story of Samm and Kira.

Vague echo, but it definitely caught my attention:
"Samm thought about Kira, and the horses and the moon." -- Ruins, p. 190.
The above quotation reminds me a lot of Drogo and Dany, especially with the reference to the moon and horses ("Moon of my life" and all that). There are a few other similarities between these two sets of characters: Like Khal Drogo, Samm is a super warrior, and like Deanerys, Kira is a leader among her people.

Relevance to A Game of  Thrones: This love story element could be indicative of some sort of cosmic theme that resonates across time (told you, very crackpot).

4. The Partials sequence has multiple allusions to the fantasy genre.

A particular allusion, and perhaps the most compelling for this fan theory, is the one made on p. 282 of Ruins:
"It had been snowing for a week . . . deep drifts of it piled three feet high in the streets, with no sign of stopping. It's like something out of a fantasy novel, Ariel thought."
Relevance to A Game of  Thrones: We know that "winter is coming" all the time in ASOIAF, and we know that the winters in Westeros are harsh . . . like "huge snow drifts and no sign of stopping" harsh. In addition, the character Ariel equates her situation to that of a character in a fantasy novel. Curious . . .

There you are! My half-way developed, fully crazy fan theory :) What do you think? Have you read the Partials sequence? Would you want to?

Bonus: The book trailer for Partials!

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