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7 Facts You May Not Know about George R. R. Martin

In honor of the author's birthday, here are seven facts you may not know about George R. R. Martin!

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Everyone has heard of the HBO epic sensation Game of Thrones, but considerably fewer people have heard of its creator: George R. R. Martin. Martin is well-known in scifi/fantasy circles for his writing prowess and acumen. Here are seven facts you may not know about George R. R. Martin.
Number Seven: He is a huge sports fan.

George R. R. Martin loves New York sports' teams, especially, citing the New York Mets and the New York Jets as teams he likes particularly well.

Number Six: He got the Staten Island Yankees to change their name.

In August 2015, the Staten Island Yankees hosted an entire night dedicated to Game of Thrones. In homage to George R. R. Martin and his work, the S.I. Yankees changed their name and mascot to the direwolf (a fictional creature from the GoT series), and their rivals -- the Hudson Valley Renegades – were dubbed the "Lannister Renegades." George R. R. Martin was present for the baseball game, where he signed autographs for fans.

Number Five: He is a proud supporter of wolves.

George R. R. Martin doesn't confine his love of nature and wolves to the Game of Thrones series. He has been an avid supporter of New Mexico's Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for many years.

Number Four: His love of wolves has bled over into the art world.

In January 2015, George R. R. Martin pledged almost $3 million toward the creation of a new artistic space at Santa Fe's art collective, Meow Wolf.

Number Three: He is (was?) a Catholic.

Though not one to frequently discuss his religious views, George R. R. Martin has self-styled himself as a "lapsed Catholic." His Catholic origins explain his two middle names: Raymond Richard. Does the double r's remind you of anyone? Say, someone having to do with hobbits . . . 

Number Two: He supports the cinema.

In 2013, George R. R. Martin purchased, restored, and reopened the Jean Cocteau Cinema and Coffee House in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Number One: He has won numerous awards for his work.

In fact, George R. R. Martin has won almost twenty national and international science fiction/fantasy awards, including the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, the Premio Ignotus, the Bram Stoker Award, and the World Fantasy Award.

Do you have any lesser-known facts about author George R. R. Martin? Share them with us below!

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