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Tyrion . . . Targaryean?

The dragon has three heads, but who are they?

Image: HBO

In a previous post, I asserted that Jon Snow and Meera Reed could possibly be the other two heads of the dragon (potentially being Targaryen bastards). However, there is another potential bastard that I did not mention: Tyrion Lannister.

Image: HBO

It has been asserted by some fans that Tyrion is a superfecundated human. Wikipedia defines superfecundation as:
the fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse.
Essentially, some fans think that Joanna Lannister was impregnated by both Tywin Lannister and Aerys Targaryen. During fertilization, the dizygotic twins Joanna Lannister was carrying inside her merged into one fetus. This explanation mirrors the rare occurance of the mythological chimaera: Tyrion is, quite literally, half Lannister and half Targaryen.

The physical descriptions of Tyrion we see in the books reinforces this theory.

Daenerys Meets with Tyrion

Tyrion has one "Lannister green" eye as well as one "black" eye. It is worth noting that Daenerys's eyes are described as being such a deep violet shade as to be nearly black. In addition, in A Game of Thrones, Jon describes Tyrion's hair as a bright, white blonde, which is much closer to the Targaryen's white-blonde hair than the Lannister's golden-blonde hair.

If true, this theory also explains Tyrion's fascination with dragons and fire (as befits one of Targaryen/Old Valryian blood):
Tyrion: When I was your age, I used to dream of having a dragon of my own.
Jon Snow: You did?
Tyrion: Oh, yes. Even a stunted, twisted, ugly little boy can look down over the world when he's seated on a dragon's back. I used to start fires in the bowels of Casterly Rock and stare at the flames for hours, pretending they were dragonfire. Sometimes I'd imagine my father burning. At other times, my sister.  (A Game of Thrones, Chapter 13 (Tyrion II)) (Italics and bolding of text are my own for emphasis.)
The above quotation vividly echoes all we know of King Aerys the Mad, who also enjoyed lighting fires and burning people with dragonfire. Could it be that Tyrion takes after his 1/2 father?

What do you think? How would the plot of ASOIAF be served if Tyrion was actually part-Targaryen?

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