Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Purdue Owl, College and 7-12

I had a great high school English teacher, but even in school I knew she was spread too thin to impart all of her writing and literary knowledge (she was the only English teacher for 7th-12th grade).

I got to college, and I found out there was a lot about writing and comprehending literature that I did not know. My writing improved (mostly because of stern Comp teachers and harsh/critical peers), and I got hired on at my university's Writing Center. It was at the SAU Writing Center that I found out about an amazing website, one to which I referred frequently clients and still use myself.

Purdue OWL

Hosted by Purdue University, Purdue Online Writing Lab, or "OWL," is a great technical resource for writers of all ages. From APA to MLA to writing literary analyses in 8th grade, Purdue OWL has basically everything you need to improve your writing.

Here are some pages that are worth a look:

Purdue OWL also features Vidcasts for those individuals who are audiovisual learners.

A second set of eyes (preferably from a knowledgeable peer, your university's writing center consultants/tutors, or even your professor/teacher) will always help you improve your writing. However, for those times when you are caught in the moment and just need a quick reference or those times when you perhaps need to thoroughly review a particular aspect of writing, Purdue OWL is the perfect resource.

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