Thursday, April 9, 2015

Not Literally

I have been finding great YouTube channels lately. ThugNotes and CrashCourse are on the more educational side of the spectrum, but I have come across some fun ones too. Take Not Literally, for example.

Originally founded by Ginny DiGuiseppi, Dana Ritterbusch, and Erik Tande in 2011, Not Literally is a music and comedy production company that does everything from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones parodies of popular songs to behind-the-scenes, reality type skits like "Ask Westeros" and "Ask Dr. Who."

Don't fall too in love with their videos, though. Apparently all production of Not Literally videos has been put on hold. Ginny left the show a couple of years ago, and there is currently some kind of "non-agreement" between Dana and Erik that has led to the halt of new releases.

Pending official legal actions, however, Erik has assured fans that videos will stay up on YouTube. SO indulge your curiosity and watch the videos below. "Ask Westeros" is HILARIOUS, by the way.

Ask Westeros Ep. 9, "How I Meet Your Khaleesi" (PG-13)

"Sorted This Way," Lady Gaga/Harry Potter Parody

"A Character I Used to Know," Gotye/Game of Thrones Season 1 Parody

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