Friday, March 20, 2015


As a teacher, I like to use my lunch break as a time to decompress from morning classes and mentally prepare myself for working with 6th period seniors in British Lit. This decompression and preparation often involves surfing the internet, listening to music (I am currently obsessed with Tove Lo), or grading, which I find to be very cathartic.

During my lunch break a couple of weeks ago, while trying to find a school-appropriate version of ThugNotes' Macbeth analysis, I found this awesome Youtube channel called CrashCourse. 
Even though CrashCourse did not have a Macbeth video I could use with my Brit Lit seniors, the channel did have a lot of amazing videos on a variety of topics from US and world history to chemistry to psychology to literature. And the best part? John Green, author of bestsellers like The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, is one of the co-founders of the channel and produces many of the videos featured on CrashCourse.

The beauty of the CrashCourse videos is just that: each 10-15 minute video provides a "crash course" of a topic in such a way that you cursor away from the page feeling like you have a pretty good, albeit not workable, understanding of the subject.

Don't believe me? Watch the CrashCourse video on War & Human Nature:

Educational, entertaining, short, and fun to watch? CrashCourse has a lot to offer teachers from just about any subject area.


Flower Basket said...

Thanks for the tip!

Majesta Miles said...

You are welcome! I strongly suggest clicking on CrashCourse link and checking it out. Even if you are not a teacher, the information in the videos is fascinating and a great way to cram 10-15 minutes of learning into an otherwise hectic day.