Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the Classroom: The Set-Up

Sorry I haven't posted much in the past two weeks. Between professional development, in-service, and trying to get my room ready, I haven't really had time to write anything for myself.

BUT even though I was super busy, my room got finished! All thanks to the help of my best friend, Kody :) Seriously . . . all. She decorated over 90% of my room. 

Below are some pictures of my completed room:

Kody made my duct-tape "Ms. Miles" sign and my purple poof :)

AMAZING Echo-Lit mini literature posters on the back of my supply door. 
Kody did a great job with the black paper and the arrangement of the posters.

The Point Games bulletin board (completely constructed by Kody -- note the awesome map skills).

Classroom Library

 Featured Books section. Each month, I am going to highlight certain books from the classroom library:

August = Books to Films
September = Banned Books
October = Gothic Literature
November = American Literature
December = Religious Literature

Close-up of classroom library.
Green labels are for Middle Grades and Orange labels are for Upper Grades.

I am 8th Grade class sponsor; the STELLAR banner in the back was painted last year by my class!

Teacher area to the left: podium, computer, file cabinet, work table, and two resource book cases.

Stick-on wall clock from Walmart, a performance stage (the thing covered in textbooks; it was a gift from Kristin, the teacher I replaced), Words Coined or Popularized by Shakespeare poster, SmartBoard.

"Finished" around 10:30 p.m. Kody snapped a picture of a very grumpy Majesta.

A HUGEGIANTSUPERBIG thank you to Kristin for leaving most of her materials and supplies behind and to Kody for being the best human being ever :)

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